Aston Villa will not sack Lambert – Tom Fox

By on January 31, 2015

Aston Villa manager, Paul Lambert can now heave a sigh of relieve as the club’s boss, Tom Fox has thrown his weight behind him indicating that Lambert will be keeping his job despite the club’s devastating form this season. Fox who is the club’s chief executive believes that Lambert has everything under control and that the Villa Park team are heading in the right direction.

Aston Villa are just two places off the relegation zone after a poor run of games totalling seven top-flight games without a win and recording just a single goal in all seven games. Mr Fox might be cool with these results but the fans aren’t and they have continued to call for the manager’s head while some are even wondering why the management aren’t considering his replacement yet.

In recent weeks, the supporters have channelled their frustrations at the club’s owner, Randy Lerner but Fox is not deterred, he told BBC Sport, that when things start to go south for the club, it is expected that the fans will vent their anger. However, that is not the way he and the owner sees the situation.

He explained that football is a funny business and believes that to put all the pressure and blame on the manager is quite a false narrative. He believes that Lambert is the only one that can salvage the club’s situation at the moment which is why he and the management team have decided to back his ideas. He added that over the last few months, Lambert has enjoyed significant support from the management and that they intend to improve on it stressing that they will back the manager to make the club as successful as possible.

While fielding questions about Lerner’s decision to sell off the club, Fox stated that his fellow American may have had a rethink as it has been over 8 months since he made the statement and yet, he is still in charge.

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