Lucarelli unhappy with Parma owners

By on February 24, 2015

Parma captain, Alessandro Lucarelli has bared his frustrations on how the last three owners of the Italian side have handled the finances of the club. So far in this season, the club have continued to battle to survive their current state of financial mess and Lucarelli believes that poor management on the part of the past bosses is to blame.

With the club battling with bankruptcy, they have been barely able to cope with player wages with many of their players going unpaid for several weeks. This occurrence prompted the Italian FA to deduct a point from their total gross earlier this season. The financial status of the club appears to have worsened especially as the club couldn’t make the trip to Udinese for their Serie A clash due to lack of funds.

Reports emerging from the Italian FA has also indicated that the club might be dissolved before the end of the season if the financial state of Parma doesn’t improve but Lucarelli could not hide his disgust with Tommaso Ghirardi, Rezart Taci and even Giampietro Manenti who currently runs the club for failing to fulfil the promises made to the players and supporters of the club.

While speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the club’s captain explained that over the last two years, Parma have only been able to meet up with player wages on the deadline day. He added that this was the first red flag that he and his colleagues sensed but when Ghirardi met them in the locker room last November and explained that his negotiations with Taci to sell the club was responsible for the delay in the payment of wages.

Lucarelli also revealed that he and his colleagues feel betrayed because Ghiradi refused to pump in more money into the club just as he promised.

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