No time for gossip – Enrique

By on February 27, 2015

News sources coming from the Catalans revealed that two of Barcelona’s super stars, Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique went on a night out with former teammate, Cesc Fabregas who currently plies his trade with Chelsea. Despite the level of media searchlight on the incident, Barcelona manager, Luis Enrique has downplayed the hype and in fact revealed that he has no interest in the gossip about his players.

Photographs of Lionel Messi and Pique outside a casino ahead of the Champions League clash against Premier League champions, Manchester City on Tuesday may have irked the anger of the supporters of the Spanish club but it appears that Enrique respects the players’ decision to do whatever they choose in their private time. The fan’s anger might have been sparked by the fact that the club recently suffered a 0-1 defeat to Malaga at the Nou Camp and so a match where they will be facing England’s finest should not be one where some key players will take with levity to the extent that they will spend most of the night partying.

Both Barcelona players had forged a re-union with former Barca man, Fabregas and just outside a casino in Barcelona, snapshots of the trio were taken but when asked about the action of his players, Enrique maintained that he focuses on football matters and does not have time for gossip. He assured the fans that the decision of the players to party will not in any way affect their game against Manchester City but insisted that he will not analyse things that has a bad intention.

While speaking on the incident, one of the players involved, Pique stated that he does not understand the media frenzy on his personal life and believes that he hasn’t committed a crime by partying with a friend who came over from London.

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