RW Essen V Dortmund: Tips and prediction – 27.07.2014

By on July 27, 2014
Sunday afternoon from 04:00 pm we will see another friendly game with Borussia Dortmund facing a much weaker team at first view. The runners-up of Bundesliga will meet RW Essen, a team that comes from a lower league.
RW Essen is at the first friendly game of this summer and will have a very difficult mission against BVB. They start with odds around 10.00 right now, a normal thing in our opinion, considering that the team comes from Regionalliga Vest and couldn’t expect big things from a match like this one. They have lost the other two games against Dortmund in recent years.
Borussia Dortmund is one of the strongest teams in the german football, fighting every year for the title in Bundesliga. Without Reus, injured, BVB won the first two friendlies of the summer, 4-1 against Kassel and 4-3 against Heidenheim, before drawing with Osnabruck, 1-1 five days ago. Bet365 offers odds around 1.17 for Dortmund’s victory.
As we said, these two teams were face to face two times in the last six years. Dortmund managed to win against RW Essien, 3-1 in DFB Pokal, and 2-1 in a friendly played in 2010.
Prediction: 2/2 @ 1.53
There is no way to compare these two teams. Dortmund is a much stronger team from every point of view and we expect them to control the whole game, leading on the scoreboard at half time and at the end too.
The best odds for RW Essen vs Dortmund: 10.00 – 6.50 – 1.17

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