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By on June 7, 2014

Every person indulged in betting at one time or another thinks about what makes a bet significant. A bet does not get special just because a specific person has made it, it might be significant to the person who placed it but it takes something else to make a bet a special one. Bookmakers and punters use the word “special bets” to differentiate some bets from the other. This term categorizes all the bets according to some factor and is not categorized according to the result of the game.

If a person makes a bet that none of the teams would be able to make any score in the 1st ten minutes of the game, then that kind of bet is considered to be a special bet. A person must have his own criteria and odds to manage bets for a specific match and people do check with various bookmakers to see which one is offering the most appropriate and suitable set of odds for any given event or match.


Ordinary bets are focused on the result of the match and the bookmakers offer the odds according to the outcomes of the event. There are variations found in special bets that bookies offer and this variation is partly due to the nature of the event in question. Events can be scored according to the past records and odds vary accordingly but no much variation is found in such odds. Matches or events that have no past records can vary to a great extent. If a person bets on events like the engagements and weddings of celebrities or the score of a party in an election, then the statistics required to support the event would not be very strong. In such bets, great variability among the odds can be found. People who make such bets are fond of thrill and excitement as a person who fears loss would never risk placing bets with odds for which great variability exists.
The fun factor in the special betting is that when people make special bets on special events. These events can be tournaments, championships, election campaigns, or any political occasion or event of national or international concern. Events that occur rarely tend to have odds with greater variability and events that occur often tend to have low variability in their odds. This phenomenon can be very opportunistic for the punters to make huge profits.


The nature of the bet makes it special and exciting and these bets are as addictive as regular bets. People should not get flattered by the term special bets unless they wish to do something innovative and adventurous. There are many things that go beyond mere winning or losing and many factors other than the outcomes make a bet special. Looking out for such factors and events can turn ordinary betting into an exciting one and people can make special bets to grab more rewards and earn huge profits. All it takes is to have courage to divert from the regular pattern and try on something new and fresh to experience the excitement of special betting.

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