The hypocrisy of Jose Mourinho’s blame tactics

By on January 3, 2015

After his team’s second loss this season, Jose Mourinho has indicated albeit subtly that the opposing team might have had some decisions go their way, helping them with their victory on New Year’s Day. It was Chelsea that drew the first blood against Tottenham and the Portuguese tactician believed that his team deserved a spot kick after Jan Vertonghen appeared to have handled the ball. This action gave more credence to the Mourinho’s Anti-Chelsea campaign.

However, football observers know better than to allow the Chelsea manager’s blame tactics to draw their attention away from the fact that Tottenham were on top of their game, and got their revenge over the Chelsea side that had humiliated them at the Stamford Bridge last year. With this development, Chelsea are only leading the English Premier League based on the alphabetical order advantage as defending champions, Manchester City are now level with them on all fronts and experts expect a race to the finish between both teams.

As usual, Mourinho would look past his team’s poor outing and attempt to lay the blame on others. He stated after the match that he was more shocked with the referee’s decisions even more than the fact that his team conceded five goals, he further explained that over the last three days, two unfair decisions had gone against his team and that it pushed the league leaders badly. The former Real Madrid boss, pointed out the decision that the referee made in the first half and claimed that that particular one is difficult to accept.

It is widely known that each time Chelsea comes under pressure, their manager likes to blow some heat against other factors but not his own team but the prolific manager might do himself some good if he sat down and worried over how Tottenham got five goals past his hitherto reliable team instead of picking out faults from the officiating.

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